Body Mapping

In my Vocal Pedagogy class, we have been using a text called “What every singer knows about the body” by Melissa Malde, MaryJean Allen, and Kurt-Alexander Zeller.

One of their most powerful tools is a concept called Body Mapping. By definition, body mapping is your mental representation of your body. Each individual moves according to how they imagine their body. Therefore, your body map governs the way you move. The problem is that some people’s body maps are not good. This is what causes tension and awkward movement. The good news is that your body map is transformable through correcting and refining it.

There are four main aspects to think about while body mapping: size, structure, location, and function.

As singers, we should all have body maps of our alignment, breathing apparatus, larynx, and articulators. By doing so, we become freer in our body thus allowing the voice to ring naturally and without tension. I invite you to read more about Body Mapping through texts such as the one mentioned above.

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